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there is nothing at burning man
the seas may sink tomorrow the ocean will remain
moment movement change steel  text art sculpture in palm springs california
i forget i am a memory
wow text art sculpture in the desert near the salton sea california
Bombay Beach 11.jpg
steel text art sculpture that says change
wow, sculpture, sculpturaltext, desert, rocks, bombay beach, salton sea, california
nothing sculpture in union square park new york city with big shadow
wow house
appetite mural in palm springs california
nothing sculpture at night during a rain storm in union square park new york city
artist midabi posing in front of his wow sculpture black and white
thank you essential wanderers
i am it at
the wolf television nft digital art
illusion television nft digital art
surprise forgetting television nft digital art
infinite interior_edited_edited_edited_e
doing being_edited_edited_edited_edited_

Here you can find examples of MIDABI's contemporary  art sculpture and mural from Bombay Beach, Palm Springs, New York City, and around the world and into the metaverse. 

question wonder_edited_edited_edited_edi
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