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The sweeping motion of a body in motion.

The Moment.

From then to now. From now to then again.

The Movement.

From here to there. From there to here and there again.

Unending moments that respond to the unyielding movement of a uniform body.


This is the Variable Inverted Infinite. The structure of the universe. Space and motion.

What we experience as contextual change is a movement that began long before, and will last far into the after.


Change, as it is popularly regarded, is a construct based on desire. 


However, change itself does not rely on intention to operate.


The movement of this thing occurs irrespective of speed, direction, or function.


That movement occurs at all is the fulfillment of its being, and not what shape it happens to reflect at any given time.

We are, however, influenced by the given time. And it is our direction and speed that becomes of the movement.


And thus this moment is the movement of our change.

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