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What is, is what is; the only other thing is nothing.



Be dissuaded from using language and perspective that conforms to the hierarchical paradigm.


You are not on a journey to go from somewhere lesser to somewhere greater.


Reality exists on a horizontal plane, not a vertical one. All parts of creation are equally valid and relevant.


There is no fantasy OTHER place. This is the place.


You’re not reaching outward, through empty space, you are pressing inward, within denser space.


There is no other anything to know. There is only becoming more familiar and intimate with what is.


By introducing a system of valuation upon the many wonders of creation, we have denied ourselves access to the very fruits of that creation. Otherizing serves only the ego, and is causing a catastrophic schism in the human psyche that breaches civilization and upends the most fundamental root of our existence; the commonality in us all.

Unveiling Ceremony Speech
Union Square Park, NYC
June 24, 2021

Hello New York


I have been watching you. 


From the moment my eyes became open. And then were opened again. From one world to the next. 


You have been a part of my vision.


A vision beautifully and purposefully blurred by the gravity of your everything


Both light and shadow. Answers and mysteries in equal measure.


A duality that dissipates into the mix of your everything. A mix known only in New York .


It can be said that only those who look will see.


I have looked. And I see you. 


And so today it is my very deep pleasure and privilege to now be seen by you.


For a moment in time, to become that which others will call, The City.


I can think of no grander expression of our communion. 


I say to you, as my everything, the only other thing, is nothing. 



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