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What is, is what is; the only other thing is nothing.  


Be dissuaded from using language and perspective that conforms to the hierarchical paradigm.


You are not on a journey to go from somewhere lesser to somewhere greater.


Reality exists on a horizontal plane, not a vertical one. All parts of creation are equally valid and relevant.


There is no fantasy OTHER place. This is the place.


You’re not reaching outward, through empty space, you are pressing inward, within denser space.


There is no other anything to know. There is only becoming more familiar and intimate with what is.


By introducing a system of valuation upon the many wonders of creation, we have denied ourselves access to the very fruits of that creation. Otherizing serves only the ego, and is causing a catastrophic schism in the human psyche that breaches civilization and upends the most fundamental root of our existence; the commonality in us all.




There is no “other” thing. 


Nature does not know a lie.


Nature knows no such thing as illusion. 


Nature (meaning all of creation) knows only itself as itself. 


Nature only is as it is; fully represented as itself at all time; incapable of being any other way.


Lie and illusion in nature are literally impossible. 


Lies and illusions occur only in our minds. 


A misidentification of what is.


Sometimes based on desire.


Sometimes fear. 


Always only seen as a part, and never as whole. 


To see things as they are is to see the totality of a thing’s existence. 


The revelatory connection between a thing’s truth and the illusion existing in your personal viewpoint is revealed when your eye is in alignment with nature.


Thus humanity seeks revelation from illusion within “other” places, distant lands, magical states of being. 


Your current being is fully magical. 


You once knew this clearly, then became habituated to it. The magical became mundane, and wholeness of nature was divided between near and distant parts, desirable and undesirable states. 


And so the search for the wholeness of nature began and illusion was born. 


There is no other place. 


No absence of truth. 


There is only a more intimate and unfiltered relationship with what is. 


If there was an “other” thing, that thing could only be nothing. 


You have everything now. 



Drop the ego, drop the desire, and all the illusions and lies will fold back into the unapologetic wildness of nature.

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