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The freedom of full disclosure.

You have the right to privacy. That is good.


    Privacy is a prison. That is bad.


Privacy becomes not a choice, but a state of mind.


    A state of mind with an invisible cell door. 


    A door that you close on yourself. 


Privacy leaves you weak. 


    At first it makes you feel stronger. 


    But soon leaves you alone, fearful, and empty.


Privacy does not celebrate life.


    At first it is a self respect. 


    But soon it is a fear of the self. The ultimate disrespect. 


Privacy leaves you ignorant. 


    Privacy does not validate this experience. 


    Privacy does not respect your learning. 


    Privacy is a poor teacher. Privacy is poor student. 


Let it go, let everything go. Hide nothing. 


Your experimenting, Your learning. Your experience. Your right.

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