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The WOW helps you have peace with the complexity of what you do, so you can find more connection to the simplicity of what you are. 

WOW, is a statement about the original experience a human has. A state of simple awe. It is devoid of judgement, preconception, expectation, or any relationship to a critical idea. It is the most profound and natural process; a pure state of awakening; the WOW state.

The WOW series in its many forms is essentially a reduction of the human experience into a basic, fundamental moment of awareness.

It can subconsciously influenced your thoughts and behaviors with its subtle reminder, having an inspirational and healing effect. Returning you to an intentional activation of the WOW consciousness is its purpose. It can reduce anxiety and increase appreciation, hope, and self confidence.

.: White print side
.: One size
.: Beaded aluminum chain included

WOW | Dog Tag | BLACK

SKU: 1949533845
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